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Caribbean Religion

REL 330 is offered by the University of Miami (3 credits)

This course will provide an understanding of the historical foundation of Caribbean religions. You will learn to think critically about popular representations of these religions and understand the role of these religions in the development of your individual selves, your community and/or your…

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Foundations of Virtual Management Across Cultures and Geographies

RVTM 101 offered by Brandeis University (Master’s level course, 3 credit hours) This course will introduce an analytical framework for assessing the complex and varied geographic, cultural and regulatory environment(s) in which virtual team members work. It will provide strategies for recognizing and responding to: 1) cultural and individual diversity; 2) relevant local, state…

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Information Policy

CS 4532-DE is offered by George Washington University (3 credits) The convergence of law, business, and technology over the past 50 years has brought about unprecedented changes to the role that information plays in national and international arenas as well as how it is used by both business and government. Information Policy delves into…

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Discovering Islam

REL 165 is offered by Syracuse University (3 credits) Discovering Islam (formerly “The Islamic Tradition”) is a basic introduction to Islam, a faith practiced by over one-fifth of the world’s population. Course topics include: the life and times of the Islam’s founder, the Prophet Muhammad; central themes in the Qur’an, the sacred scripture of…

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Perspectives on Health and Medical Information Systems

RHIN 110 is offered by Brandeis University (3 credit hours) This course serves as an introductory course in the Health and Medical Informatics curriculum. Students interested in the Health Care field will be able to gain the fundamental understanding of Health Care Systems, from provider types to vocabularies to efficiencies, and the impact of…

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