Caribbean Religion

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REL 330 is offered by the University of Miami (3 credits)

This course will provide an understanding of the historical foundation of Caribbean religions. You will learn to think critically about popular representations of these religions and understand the role of these religions in the development of your individual selves, your community and/or your society. This course will allow you to critically engage the intersection of race, politics, identity, and religion within the Caribbean and in Diaspora communities in the United States.

MordonadoDr. Michelle A. Gonzalez (Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado) is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Miami. She received her Ph.D. in Systematic and Philosophical Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in 2001. Her research and teaching interests include Latino/a, Latin American, and Feminist Theologies, as well as inter-disciplinary work in Afro-Caribbean Studies. She is the author of Sor Juana: Beauty and Justice in the Americas (Orbis Books, 2003), Afro-Cuban Theology: Religion, Race, Culture and Identity (University Press of Florida, 2006), Created in God’s Image: An Introduction to Feminist Theological Anthropology (Orbis Books, 2007), Embracing Latina Spirituality: A Woman’s Perspective (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2009), Caribbean Religious History (co-authored with Ennis Edmonds, NYU Press, 2010), Shopping: Christian Explorations of Daily Living (Fortress Press, 2010), and A Critical Introduction to Religion in the Americas: Bridging the Liberation Theology and Religious Studies Divide NYU Press, 2014).